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Steel wire rope and steel chain manufacturer in China. Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products

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Why people choose us

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    We are in China

    Our company and all our production capacity are located in Jiangsu province, not far from the biggest sea port – Shanghai. It allows us to reduce expenses as on purchasing raw materials, as on exporting finished product - wire rope and steel chain.

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    We keep up production terms

    Our company has a small range of products, which includes Short Link Steel Chain DIN 766, Long Link Chain DIN 763, Galvanized Wire Rope DIN 3055 and Galvanized Wire Rope in PVC. It allows us to keep up with production terms even in conditions of a huge workload.

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    International Quality

    Our customers are always confident in the quality of our product, because of strict control of manufacturing steel chain and galvanized wire rope. You can see it from numerous international quality certificates of our chains and ropes, and also from positive feedbacks of our regular customers.

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    Smart Logistics

    Our partners – shipping companies help us deliver your package to the “doors” of your goods to any part of the World.

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    Price from Manufacturer

    With purchasing steel chain and galvanized wire rope directly from manufacturer, you save considerable funds, which you may convert into your profit or you can reinvestigate it for expansion of your business.

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    Qualified Staff Members

    Employees of our company, from technical specialists on manufacturing to sales department managers, are all well-educated in products. And you are always welcome to ask them any questions about galvanized rope and steel chain.


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    Steel wire rope in PVC
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    Steel wire rope DIN3055
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    Long link steel chain DIN763
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    Long ling steel chain DIN766
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How it works

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    Call us or send a request 1
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    Calculation production possibilities 2
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    Calculation of manufacturing time and costs 3
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    Commercial offer 4
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    Advance payment 5
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    Raw material quality control 6
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    Setting up equipment and starting production 7
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    Finished products testing 8
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    Packing and shipping finished products to the Customer 9

Guarantees and Certificates

  • Production and shipment in-time
  • Production according to your needs
  • We can produce all kinds of steel wire rope and steel chains

Application Fields

  • Construction industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Mineral industry
  • Timber industry
  • Food industry
  • Electric Power industry
  • Paper industry
  • Light industry
  • Atomic industry
  • Gas industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Coal mining industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Production of building materials
  • Health care industry
  • China and Crockery industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Woodwork industry
  • Process industry
  • Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy
  • Glass industry
  • Microbiology industry
  • Print industry
  • Assemble industry
Steel wire rope and steel chain
directrly from manufacturer
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