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Steel wire rope and steel chain manufacturer in China. Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products

Consolidate shipment of steel wire rope and steel chain


Our company Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products is a direct manufacturer of galvanized steel wire rope and steel cable DIN3055 (and PVC coated) and steel chain DIN763 and DIN766. Our factory is in China, in the city of Nantong, near Shanghai. Every day we export containers of almost same product all over the world.

Buy steel chain and steel wire rope from China.

One of the advantages to work with our company Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products is that we are very loyal to MOQ. If you are in fastener business and want to try to sell new product then you can try buy a little bit of chains and steel wire ropes from us.

How it works?

For example, you already have a supplier who produce fasteners. We can send our chains and wire ropes to his factory, or he can send his products to us and we will load it in one container.

We accept USD payment from your country or RMB payment from your supplier. It’s your choice.

If you just plan to buy fasteners, chains and wire ropes for the first time, we can recommend you our partners – fasteners factories in China who we often cooperate with.

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Email: info@wirerope-chain.com

Mobile: +86 158-2184-0734 (+whatapp, wechat) Mike

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