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    Our factory

    Our factory
    Our factory
    Our factory
    Our factory

    Our company Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products is located in Nantong. Since 2005, we have been producing steel cable and steel chains of various designs and standards. Today, 80% of our products are exported to Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. We cooperate with all the major players in this market. We always welcome new partners and customers. Welcome to our factory!

    Why people choose us

    • We are in China
      We are in China

      Our company and all our production capacity are located in the city of Nantong, 120 kilometers from the largest port of Shanghai. It allows us to reduce expenses as on purchasing raw materials, as on exporting finished product - wire rope and steel chain. We have minimal costs for exporting finished products.

    • We keep up production terms
      We keep up production terms

      We produce about 1000 tons of finished product per month. A large amount of equipment and constant stocks of raw materials in stock allow us to guarantee the delivery of goods to customers on time.

    • Quality for export
      Quality for export

      We supply the cable to the largest wholesale companies and manufacturers in Russia and Europe. Our customers are always confident in the quality of our product, because of strict control of manufacturing steel chain and galvanized wire rope. You can be sure of the quality of our products.

    • Smart Logistics
      Smart Logistics

      We have our own logistics company in Vladivostok. We can customs clear and deliver our products to the “doors” of your warehouse to any part of the World, in any region of Russia.

    • Favorable prices from manufacturer
      Favorable prices from manufacturer

      Our factory has a full production cycle. We ourselves make the wire, and after that we produce a cable and a chain from it. So we can offer very attractive prices to customers. With purchasing steel chain and galvanized wire rope directly from manufacturer, you save considerable funds, which you may convert into your profit or you can reinvestigate it for expansion of your business.

    • Qualified Staff Members
      Qualified Staff Members

      We speak Russian. We make all shipping documents quickly and correctly. And we are always in touch.

    How it works

    • Call us or send a request
      Call us or send a request 1

    • We send you a commercial offer
      We send you a commercial offer 2

      Pricing at your request - within 48 hours. Price list with standard prices - right away!

    • Calculation of manufacturing time and costs
      Calculation of manufacturing time and costs 3

      Favorable payment terms for regular customers

    • Commercial offer
      Commercial offer 4

      The possibility of payment in dollars, rubles, yuan or euro

    • Advance payment
      Advance payment 5

    • Raw material quality control
      Raw material quality control 6

      Quality control at every stage of production

    • Packing and shipping finished products to the Customer
      Packing and shipping finished products to the Customer 7

      We provide a photo report and a set of shipping documents

    • Repeat again
      Repeat again 8

    Are you afraid to work with China?

    Our guarantees and certificates

    • Contracts and Transaction

      We have our own legal entity in China - our factory and logistics company in Russia. A contract and payments are only made by non-cash transaction and one of these companies. We send to our clients the full set of documents for each company.

    • Client feedback

      We have many positive reviews from the largest wholesalers in Russia.

    • Our products meet the requirements

      We sign the technical specification of product for each contract. In case of discrepancy we are ready to take the financial responsibility.

    • ISO certificate

      Our production is certified by ISO 9001.

    Extended services

    • Products manufacture according to customer's drawings and engineering requirements
    • An ability to supply the sectional container with other goods from China
    • The choice of galvanic coating for your products
    • Packaging and labeling of products according to customer requirements
    • Customs clearance and door-to-door delivery to your region

    Steel wire rope and steel chain directrly from manufacturer

    Just contact us and get all the information you need


      Stahldrahtseil aus China

      6 Februar 2020

      Verzinktes Stahldrahtseil DIN3055 Großhandel aus China – ich glaube das interessiert Sie, wenn Sie diesen Artikel gefunden haben....

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      Contact us

      Contact us


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      Mobile phone in China: +86 158-2184-0734
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