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Knot chain

Chain knot steel galvanized according to DIN 5686

The nodal chain is used in the creation of decorative, enclosing suspended structures for non-lifting purposes. Advantages – small weight chains that allow you to use it, for example, when organizing mobile enclosing elements.

Chain way from carbon steel and is treated with zinc by electroplating. The chain stars are closed and interconnected by twisted ends in a knot. Because of this chain is called nodal.

Knotty galvanized chain produced according to DIN 5686.

SizeCaliber (d), mmLink pitch (t), mmLink width (b), mmWeight  kg/m
1,4 mm1.4206.50,042
1,6 mm1.62370,06
1,8 mm1.826.580,073
2 mm22890,09
2,2 mm2.231100,11
2,5 mm2.535110,14
2,8 mm2.83912.50,17
3,1 mm3.141140,21
3,4 mm3.44415.50,26
3,8 mm3.846170,34
4,2 mm4.252190,41
4,6 mm4.65820.50,5
5 mm56022.50,57

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