Steel wire rope from China

Steel wire rope from China

Galvanized steel wire rope DIN3055 wholesale from China – I think this is what you are interested in if you have found this article. We are steel wire rope and steel chain manufacturer – Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products, we are located in one of the most developed industrial areas in China – Jiangsu province, Nantong city.

Today I’d like to talk more about technology of producing galvanized steel wire rope in China, what factors affect quality of the finished product and how it’s possible to control the quality.

Please note that technology may varies depending of what kind of steel wire rope factory produce. But basics steps are all the same.

Raw material purchasing

Every production starts with buying raw materials. Raw materials for galvanized steel wire rope is wire rod. Manufacturers of steel wire rope and steel chain in China usually use following types of steel: Q235, 45 #, 55 #, 60 #, 65 #. The higher steel grade, the higher strength steel cord DIN3055, and the more expensive it is.

If you are not sure what type of steel rod does you supplier use you can pay attention to the labels on wire rod at the warehouse. But if there are no labels, that’s a serious reason to doubt quality of the products that they make.

Surface treatment

This is the first step in the production of steel wire rope. Here you take raw material (steel rod) and “wash” it in a special solution to remove dust and rust from the outer surface of the wire rod.


Here we produce the base material of wire for steel rope. Wire rod is drawn into a wire from big diameter to a small diameter for further production.

Drawing machines have very high output and very high price as well. So, not every factory has this machine. Some of the steel wire rope factories in China buy steel wire after drawing from other factories. But it’s not good, because it’s hard to control quality of drawing process on other factories. But quality of drawing will influence quality of

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is carried out immediately after the wire drawing. The fact that in the process of drawing steel structure is destroyed, so the heat treatment is required for the structure to recover.

Surface treatment

The most common surface treatment for the steel wire rope is galvanization (coating with zinc). Zinc coating is for corrosion resistance of steel wire rope. The quality of the zinc solution, the coating thickness affects the quality of steel cable. All these parameters can be checked in a laboratory with special equipment.


After steel wire is galvanized the next step is positioning the strands around the core.

PVC coating

PVC coated steel wire rope DIN3055 requires one more step. PVC coating.


And the final stage in production. Our factory Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products can produce OEM orders, to pack steel wire rope and steel chain in cartons with your company’s logo.

Shipment from China

You probably already visited a lot of factories in China who produce steel wire rope and steel chain. And you might have noticed that some of them don’t have export license. Some of them don’t have English-speaking staff.

If you want to have some headache and waste your time on explaining to these factories how to make packing list, contract, proforma invoice and other documents so go ahead and try to work with them.

But we would recommend you spend time on your clients, your business and on your life.

Our company Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products has a export license for steel wire rope and steel chain. We can return VAT on exports, so we can give you best prices.

Door to door delivery

Our company export steel wire rope and steel chain all over the world. We got a great experience and good parttners – shipping companies that can deliver our products straight to your door.

DIN3055 steel cable (wire rope) wholesale prices

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