How to buy galvanized steel wire rope and chain wholesale from China

How to buy galvanized steel wire rope and chain wholesale from China

If you come to our site, the more likely you are interested in buying a galvanized steel cable DIN3055 and DIN766 and DIN763 steel chains in bulk. Not for anybody not a secret that most of these products are now imported to Russia from China. There are several reasons for this:

  • In China, cheaper raw materials,
  • In China, cheaper equipment and maintenance
  • In China, more and more companies offering additional services for manufacturers of wire rope and chain: coating, heat treatment.
    Do you it will be important to work with us, or with other companies, we give below a small educational program for procurement of galvanized steel cable and chains in China wholesale from the manufacturer.

Where to find a producer?

The most popular site is to search for suppliers of all wholesale from China is Here you can find a provider and galvanized steel wire rope and steel chains. Despite the fact that a huge number of people use this website to find suppliers, the majority of the companies represented here, unfortunately, are trademarks.

How do I find a good manufacturer whether or not?

Most of all the companies, which can be found on the website Alibaba will tell you that they are constantly “cooperate” with Those crepes Omaksom and other large Russian wholesalers. Some even send you pictures from the stores with boxes of these customers. Do not believe them! After all, these pictures they could do, and in the warehouses of other companies. In order to verify the facts, ask them scans contracts for the supply of fasteners to seal a Russian client.

How to understand the quality of products?

Some customers ask the manufacturer to send product samples before ordering. That’s good, but it does not guarantee that the quality of the steel wire rope and steel chains in the party will match the quality of samples.

Minimum quantity of steel wire rope and steel chains in China

Delivery of this product from China by sea and by rail in 20-foot containers. In one container can be loaded 24 tons of rope and chain. Based on our practice usually one 20-foot container and a minimum party of Order in the factory in which the economically advantageous importation.
Our company Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products manufactures and steel wire rope and steel chain, which is convenient for customers as possible to collect a container in one enterprise.

To minimize the risk of downtime of the container on the railroad in anticipation of “a pair of” customs brokers recommend the order for 2 containers.

Shipping and customs clearance of steel chains and galvanized steel wire rope in China

Most manufacturers of steel chains and steel cable are exporting their products through the Shanghai port. Sea container goes to Vladivostok and Nakhodka, and then by train to your city. If you are close to Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg, it is cheaper to send a container by sea directly to Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg. Shipping from Shanghai to Moscow through the Far East takes an average of 30 days. If the container is sent by sea to St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk, it may take 30-35 days.

Now in Russia the difficult economic situation, the profit from the importer and wholesalers are constantly falling, so you need to be attentive to every aspect of the conduct of international economic activity. Customs clearance is, on what you can save significant money if customs clearance “right.”

Who is responsible for delivery and customs clearance?

Usually Chinese factory producing galvanized wire rope DIN3055 and DIN766 and DIN763 steel chains not involved in the delivery and customs clearance. This involved directly buyers. But if you have no experience in importing fasteners from China, our company can for you to calculate the cost of customs clearance and delivery to your city. In Russia we have reliable partners – brokers, who help us in the delivery and customs clearance issues.

What is the payment schedule?

Standard payment plan when working with Chinese manufacturers: 30% prepayment, 70% paid before shipment after shipment verified by a third party on the subject of marriage.

Put the money in China in two ways: through a customs broker (broker under the contract) or direct bank transfer to China, in this case should be open foreign currency account. Each method has its pluses and minuses.

What risks may arise when dealing with China?

Risks when importing steel wire rope and steel chains in bulk from China may arise both in China and in Russia. Let’s look at them:

Risks in China

Non-delivery of goods

As a rule, “to get the money and disappear,” can only just too impure into the hands of the supplier, which, unfortunately, you can find many on the Internet, including on the Alibaba website. These companies lure customers at the cost of products, significantly below market. To avoid this, you need to be convinced of reliability of the supplier before you translate it prepaid. Therefore, we recommend that you work only with reliable manufacturers.

Underload goods or goods of poor quality

Even if you work directly with the factory, there is always a risk that the supplier will save or on the total weight or the material from which the steel cable and steel chain are made to reduce the cost of production. To avoid this, we recommend that you monitor the quality of chains and ropes before loading.

Delay timing of production

Unfortunately, the delay in the timing of production is the bane of most suppliers. Be careful, especially ordering goods in the season and added to the approximate delivery time more time per week. Maximum avoid delays in the timing of production can only be constantly reminding about themselves and about the importance of timely delivery.

Risks in Russia

broker service cost (shipping and customs clearance) grows after the container leaves the port in China.
It so happens that in order to attract the customer customs broker gives notoriously low interest rates. You negotiate with him. This product is ready. This product comes from a port in China and the broker then you suddenly announce that the rates increased (customs management has changed, the new rules, railway tariffs have increased and more 1000 and is one reason that you will tell the broker). To avoid this you need to initially work with the appropriate customs broker.

The delay time of delivery

This, unfortunately, often happens. By rail on one platform sends two 20-foot containers, so if you sent only one, it will be “wait a couple” at the station. If a customs broker small shipments at your direction, the delay will be possible. This can be avoided by discussing the possibility of delays and the responsibility for it in advance.

Adjustment of the customs value

CCC many headaches brought these three letters importers .. Adjustment of the customs value can occur if the customs broker has little experience in customs clearance is a steel cable and steel chains. It is important to negotiate with a broker that for CTS risks liable is he.

What investments are necessary for the purchase of galvanized steel wire rope and chain wholesale in China?

The container of the product is 16-22 thousand dollars on average, depending on what you purchase. Customs clearance, VAT and delivery to your city add another 40 percent to the price in China.

Is it profitable?

It’s profitable. If you sell one container of steel chains and ropes in a month or two, then definitely you should start to work with China. Purchase in China directly gives the benefit of 20-40% compared with buying from a local wholesaler.

At the beginning of the article we wrote that no matter which company you will be working in China for the procurement of steel wire rope and chain wholesale. This is not true) Of course, we hope that you make the right choice and fill out the feedback form below to get a wholesale price list for our products. It will delight you.


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