Why it is necessary to buy a steel cable and chains from us?

Why it is necessary to buy a steel cable and chains from us?

We are glad to see you visiting our website. You must be reading this article because you have plans to buy a zinc-coated steel wire ropes and steel chains wholesale from a manufacturer in China. Is that correct? Then we hope you found what you were looking for. There are many factories in China, we are well aware of that, but we strongly recommend you try to work with us. Here are several reasons that will definitely make our cooperation successful.

We run our own production

Our company is a manufacturer of steel wire ropes and steel chains in China – Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products have a full range of galvanized cables, steel chains and steel wire ropes. The quality of our products fully comply with European standards, so most of our production is exported. You can come and visit us in China anytime is convenient for you. Just let us know in advanced and we will meet you at the airport in Shanghai.

Quality control system

When buying galvanized steel wire ropes and chains large importers often encounter quality problems. But we can assure you that when cooperating with us you can forget about poor-quality and defected items, no more returns or exchanges. Our company has been implemented a multi-stage quality control system, that includes everything from controling of incoming raw materials to inspecting the coating and finished products.

English-speaking managers

We speak same language! The contract, specifications, quality standards for steel ropes and chains are discussed and signed in English. We will consider all your wishes and comments. Nothing will remain unheard or misunderstood.

Turn-key delivery

If you haven’t worked with China directly yet, then there is still nothing to worry about. We will advise you on each issue, including transfer of funds to China, delivery and customs clearance options. If you are interested in the door-to-door delivery of steel chains and galvanized ropes from China, our patners in shipping business can organizing these. They can calculate the cost of customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse.

Why is it advantageous to buy steel wire ropes and chains wholesale in China?

Every entrepreneur who buys wholesale steel chains and steel zinc-coated cables and ropes sets three main goals: reducing costs, increasing the range and attracting new customers.

If you cooperate directly with Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products, the manufacturer of galvanized cables and steel chains in China, you can achieve all three goals. Here is how it works:

Reducing costs

Our company Nantong Tianfeng Metal Products is a manufacturer of galvanized wire ropes and steel chains. By buying directly from us, you can significantly reduce your purchasing costs and cut costs. Besides, we always try to support our customers and therefore we have almost no requirements for a minimum order quantity. This allows you to avoid unnecessary costs associated with transportation and storage of excess steel ropes and chains.

Increasing the range

Our company produces the entire range of galvanized steel cables DIN3055 and steel chains (short link steel chain DIN766, long link steel chain DIN763, steel cable  or steel wire rope PVC coated).

Attracting new clients

There are two main methods of attracting new clients: direct and indirect marketing. The indirect marketing is when a large amount of new customers are attracted because of a good assortment and relatively low prices (since you have been able to cut costs). Direct attraction of clients is possible because we can help you to advertise your business in the region in which you are located. Due to this measures more and more customers will learn about your company and contact you.

Pricelist for steel wire ropes wholesale. Pricelist for steel cables.

If you are interested in expanding your business and are planning to buy (or perhaps you are already buying) galvanized steel ropes and steel chains wholesale from the manufacturer in China, then you can fill out the simple form below and we will send you a wholesale price list with prices for steel ropes, steel cables and steel chains.

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